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Cutting-edge nesting technology on the market: our VHW-, and PKD nesting routers

Due to their high flexibility and automation capability, our nesting routers are extremely time- and resource-saving high-performers with a reduced handling effort and flawless cutting edge without damage.
Our tool types ensure high efficiency through reduced tool diameter and fewer chips.
Due to lower vacuum loss, the workpieces have better hold and do not shift on the protective plate. Enjoy the...

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Schäffer’s new sales representative Frank Helsberg

We warmly welcome Mr Helsberg as our most recent sales representative. Mr Helsberg supports our team with professional competence and commitment. He has years of experience in our line of business and will be looking after our customers and distributors.

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As Schäffer Präzisionswerkzeuge we have produced a highly precise range of tools for the woodworking, plastic and aluminum industry for several generations. We offer saws for every task, however, we do not only supply saws.

Our range includes high quality hoggers, tools for edge processing, jointing tools, profiling tools, drills as well as routing tools - and clamping systems complement our portfolio.

Schäffer Präzisionswerkzeuge
Im Babenbecker Feld 58
D 32051 Herford

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