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Our new routers: Why less angle can be more value

Our customers’ requests as well as challenging materials have once again spurred us to bring our routers to a new, even better performance.

Numerous optimisations, from chip flow orientation and larger axis angles to customised, re-designed geometries of cutting edge and body, help to achieve an amazing or unprecedented increase of service life and are a pinpoint, precise and efficient solution for...

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New production manager for metal tools and service

We warmly welcome Mr. Baryal as the new production manager for metal tools and service and look forward to a successful and productive cooperation.

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As Schäffer Präzisionswerkzeuge we have produced a highly precise range of tools for the woodworking, plastic and aluminum industry for several generations. We offer saws for every task, however, we do not only supply saws.

Our range includes high quality hoggers, tools for edge processing, jointing tools, profiling tools, drills as well as routing tools - and clamping systems complement our portfolio.

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