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Panel-sizing saws: We have improved things for you once more

To make sure they are extremely safe and resist fractures and impacts, our format circular saw blades for universal cuts are always being produced with well-known standard blade quality and robust carbide grade. Our new and improved panel-sizing saws now ensure exceptionally long tool lives as well as an impeccably clean cut when cutting laminated chipboard.
Features and benefits:

  • TC/FT Universal...
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Schäffer’s new sales representative 

Beginning in April, Mr. Mark Johanning has been strengthening our Schäffer sales team with professional competence. He is looking after all our customers and distributors in the eastern and northern parts of Germany. Mr. Johanning has ten years’ experience in field service, customer service and sales management and was previously responsible for operating tool technology for various major...

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The new one!




As Schäffer Präzisionswerkzeuge we have produced a highly precise range of tools for the woodworking, plastic and aluminum industry for several generations. We offer saws for every task, however, we do not only supply saws.

Our range includes high quality hoggers, tools for edge processing, jointing tools, profiling tools, drills as well as routing tools - and clamping systems complement our portfolio.

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